Interviews: One in Three Rohingya Women Refugees Say They Were Raped

A Rohingya Muslim woman who says she was raped by Myanmar security forces speaks to BenarNews in Kutupalong camp, Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, Jan. 14, 2017. This photograph has been darkened to protect her identity.

Rohingya Children Give Eyewitness Accounts of Atrocities

Rohingya boys and girls as young as 11 and 12 spoke of atrocities they had witnessed that forced them to flee Myanmar’s Rakhine state in recent weeks, with some telling BenarNews they saw Burmese security personnel burn their siblings alive.

Bangladesh to Myanmar: Take Back ‘Entire’ Rohingya Refugee Population

Bangladesh’s foreign ministry on Thursday summoned Myanmar’s ambassador for the second time in five weeks to complain about Rohingya Muslims fleeing into Bangladesh, saying some 50,000 refugees had arrived since Oct. 9.

Marriage an Uncertain Path to Citizenship for Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh

Lacking adequate food, shelter and sanitation, many Rohingya Muslim refugees who fled into Bangladesh from Myanmar are marrying local men in the hope of achieving citizenship and basic services.

A People Adrift: Roots of the Rohingya Migration

The Rohingya are an oppressed and stateless people who have lived for centuries at the crossroads between the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia, where boundaries have shifted over time.

Bangladesh Official Voices Regret Over Report on Rapes of Rohingya Women

A Bangladeshi minister who oversees humanitarian relief efforts expressed sadness upon learning of allegations that one in three Rohingya women interviewed at refugee camps had reported being raped by Myanmar security forces before fleeing to Bangladesh.