UMNO says it will join unity govt – but not with Muhyiddin

Meanwhile, Malaysia’s king calls meeting of royals to consult on electoral deadlock.

Malaysia’s electoral impasse drags on as king defers decision on PM

The monarch floated the idea of a “unity government,” but one of the two contenders rejected it outright.

Loser UMNO may sway Malaysian election outcome

Graft-tainted Barisan Nasional won 30 of 221 parliamentary seats, down from 79 four years ago.

At long last, Anwar Ibrahim fulfills prime ministerial ambition

Against all odds and after a closely fought election, the iconic opposition leader emerges as the new head of government in the multiethnic, multireligious nation.

Dutch court convicts 2 Russians, Ukrainian in downing of Malaysian airliner

Malaysia votes: Ordinary people talk about their concerns, hopes for general election