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Indonesians Enjoy Nature’s Light Show

M. Sulthan Azzam
Padang, Indonesia
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Indonesians welcomed a solar eclipse Wednesday with prayers, gatherings, festivals and rituals.

In Padang in West Sumatra – one of the 12 provinces where a total eclipse was visible – children from the Minangkabau Green School made pinhole cameras using recycled boxes.

Elsewhere, Muslims held special prayers. Thousands of Jakarta residents gathered at the nation’s main Istiqlal Mosque early in the morning and continued to pray throughout the day.

In Banda Aceh, people observed a partial solar eclipse from a tsunami evacuation building constructed after the devastating 2004 tsunami.

Meanwhile, some tribal groups held rituals to cast out demons believed to be linked to the total eclipse – and to entertain tourists. Thousands of foreigners flocked to Indonesia to witness the event.

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