In this photo taken on May 7, 2021, bullet holes pock a house in Krong Pinang, a village in southern Thailand’s Yala province, where two insurgents spent the last hours of their lives before being killed during a standoff with government forces three days earlier.

Video of Insurgents’ Final Hours Strikes Chord in Thai Deep South

Men are seen talking to relatives hours before security forces shot them.

Don-Pathan-mug.jpgDon Pathan is a Thailand-based security analyst and has covered diplomacy, international relations, transnational crime and insurgency in Southeast Asia for more than two decades. He has been working with The Asia Foundation and the World Bank on development in southern Thailand over the last five years.
Pathan briefs diplomats, international think tanks and others on security and peace-building in Thailand. He co-authored “Confronting Ghosts: Thailand’s Shapeless Southern Insurgency” with Dr. Joseph Liow (S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies in Singapore) and wrote a chapter in the "Trouble in the Triangle: Opium and Conflict in Burma" in which he examined the nexus between the United Wa State Army, the Thai government and the military regime of Burma/Myanmar.
He is a founding member of the Patani Forum, an organization that promotes critical discussion on the conflict in Thailand’s Malay-speaking South.

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